Friday, April 07, 2006

The Realities of Uniformity

There's something I've come to understand about the left wing movement.

Its made of lots of very diffrent people with very diffrent ideas. And they all believe thier idea is going to save this country. They are deeply passionate about these ideas and if we all just....understood thier vision.....we'd save Democracy.

I was a member of this group in the beginning as well, but perspective has brought me around to see a bigger picture, full of very diffrent, beautiful, colorful people.

Uniformity won't work in America. Why? Because we are a country founded by people who rebelled against uniformity, and we've been rebelling ever since.

I understand the dream though, I can see it my head as well. The image of thousands of people rising up, all wearing orange t-shirts or blue. Or pink. The image of thousands of women dressed as suffragists (in very nice costumes) marching down the street. The image of thousands of people in t-shirts with the same sloagan turning thier backs on Bush during the inanauguration. Its a very theatrical vision, one that is viewed in my mind as an arial shot done by a camera, sometimes theme music swells up in the background.

That's the problem.

These are shots made my movies, not reality. To achieve these images you have to have thousands of people willing to do the same thing, with the same clothing at the same time and perhaps someone flying overhead in a helecopter to get a picture of it. That's art, not neccessarily activism.

The second snag in the plan is that there really isn't just one topic to rally around. The Ukranian Revolution and the Philipino revolution had one very solid target. A governement so corrupt that the daily lives of the people were severly affected. The movie V for Vendetta (I liked it, but go see it yourself to decide)used the idea of an extreamly correput government in England, a true police state in every sense of the word. One centeral, undenaible target.

I don't believe that exists in America. There's just so much to chose from its like a smorgesborg of coruption, and to be honest, my daily life hasn't come to a scretching halt by it. For every person starving in the street, there is someone buying a 1.5 million dollar condo in DUMBO. There is unity, but it exists in small groups.

Besides, there's something beautiful about diversity. About seeing people of all walks of life marching together with thier own banners, taking a creative stand on the issue they care about. That's what the left wing movement is made of, and I think its just as theatrically beautiful as a million people marching in blue t-shirts. The movement still has people in it. As long as there are people who march for a better tomorrow, hope exists.


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