Monday, March 13, 2006

Attack of the California Barbies

They blew in from the Coast like a sharp Santa Ana wind, knocking New York to its knees. They were tan, dressed for a mild spring in light pinks, with a wind blown attitude that screamed "hey, its all cool, it'll just...happen." Yeah man, it did just "happen", but not without the blood sweat and tears of some dedicated women from New York.

If California was like "no worries, it'll all come together, peace..." New York was furiously sending emails from thier blackberry's asking for agendas, times tables, and exact budgets.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

The event I'm speaking of was a very special pannel on the Iraq war by my favorite activist group starring some very special VIPS, flown in by the California chapter of said activist group.

I had volenteerd myself and Synge to do what I had thought would be a simple "decorating of the space." Little did we know that we would be running the entire event by the seat of our little pink skirts.

I suppose it was a break down of comunication, or rather there never was any to begin with. California decided New York was organizing it, New York had said "no." California put thier fingers in thier ears and said "lalalalalala I can't hear you, your doing it..."

And so it went. I was given $80 to decorate a large space, I spent $180. (come on, one flower arragment would be $80, and Synge and I created them ourselves.) We walked in armed with decorations, only to be greated with stressed out New York women, people yelling about volenteers and questions about the day's agenda.

"We're just decorating." We said, bewildered.

Aparently someone had to told people we were running the whole show. I had media asking me questions all day, "where was favorite VIP, were was the press confrence, how did I spell complicated VIP's name?" At some point Synge and I just started making things up.

"Yes, no, I don't know, lets have merchandise here,and there and you! You bring this here, you are in charge of this!" We ran between two diffrent locations, snapping to attention at the will of the activist leader. I'm sure the people attending had no idea that Synge and I were on the verge of a nervouse breakdown. Even the California Barbies lower in the chain of comand started to look a little stressed, frowns beginning to form at the corners or thier pink mouths.

I felt battered, abused, yelled at and dead on my feet. The only picture of me is standing behind the merchandise table, white as a ghost looking like the dead had risen.

Wonderful MD showed up towards the end, just in time to bring Synge a roll of tape at location #2 and work the merchandise table, wearing the button of my favorite activist group. Did I mention its my favorite Femminist activist group? MD got some major brownie points that day, with all the New York activist women. He carried decortations to his car, broke down signs, and wisked a half dead Synge and SL2000 to a near by resturant for beer and substiance.

Its taken almost a full week to recover from the California wind. I've heard reports that New York women are still driving California VIPs around the state, they are finding apartments for them to stay in and making travel arrangements. So I guess things "really do work out", but not on thier own. While the barbies smiled for the cameras and got thier pictures in the newspapers, some very hard working New York women with cell phones attached to ears MADE things happen. That's the New York way, and why I am proud to live here. We are skeptical by nature, and can't seem to trust that the winds of fate will "make it happen" but we trust ourselves and know WE can make it happen.

And we did. As far as anyone was concerned, it was a very sucessful event.

The freaking out was all done behind the scenes.


Blogger glenda said...

Keep making it happen and let's end this war.

1:07 PM  
Blogger Le Synge Bleu said...

i would comment, but my head exploded last sunday as so i am unable to.

2:57 PM  
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